Testimonials - Autofusion Hire
8-10 Windsor Street, Glasgow, UK
Mon - Sun: 9 AM - 7 PM


Tom & Luke Stoltman - The Stoltman brothers (Strongest men in Scotland)

"Definitely the best service available out there! We had an amazing experience in the G-Wagon up in the North of Scotland and came back to a Bentayga in Glasgow. We were personally introduced to the Autofusion team which was lovely and showed us how professional and easy it is to deal with them"

Bash The Entertainer (Comedian & Social Media Influencer)

"Got to drive the brand new RS6 and Range Rover SVR. Unbelievable cars, very well maintained. I featured them in a couple of my videos on Instagram and can’t wait to experience their new cars coming in. Definitely my go to guys for car hire."

Chris Biggs (Love Island Star)

"Autofusion hooked us up with the Bentley Bantayga for me and my girlfriend’s romantic weekend getaway up to the North. It was perfect for the long drive and made the experience much more enjoyable. The service and level of professionalism was on point."

Giggs - (Artist)

"We hired a Helicopter and Lamborghini Urus for my music video and it was a success. Couldn’t have asked for better hospitality. The cars were so well kept and almost brand new. I was then escorted to a private event later on at night, in the lovely G-Wagon. I arrived on time and in style. Definitely the best car hire company out there for almost any event."

Ambush (Artist)

"Was quick and easy to get the cars I needed for my music video. Definitely enjoyed the experience and looking forward to future events."

Sneakbo (Artist)

"Autofusion live up to their name and excellent standard, the cars are new, clean and always smell amazing. They have the latest cars in the best colors, always looking shiny and slick. Always a pleasure working with the team."

Mular Juice - (Artist)

"The best car hire I've dealt with so far, excellent service and hospitality. The cars are unique and brand new. Looking forward to work with them again and experience their new cars."

Nathan (Social Media Influencer)

"Driving the Bentayga inspired me to look forward to owning my own one day, very positive team and they own a collection of incredibly beautiful cars. Definitely Number 1 in the country."